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We are a burger joint & food truck that specializes in Classic Burgers, Shakes, and Fries made using only the best ingredients available to us. Everything from the grass-fed beef for our burgers, the Pennsylvania grown spuds for our hand cut fries, to the locally made ice cream in our shakes is mindfully sourced and prepared to achieve the best flavor while supporting our local community.

Fresh out of high school in 2011, then 18 year old owner Evan Asoudegan opened The Moo Truck with the goal of creating locally sourced & delicious classic American food. In early 2013, we opened our first brick & mortar in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. After almost three years of success in that location, we moved our operation to downtown New Hope in 2015. Today, we are still slinging the best burgers, shakes, & fries around in our New Hope restaurant.







137 South Main Street
New Hope, PA


Tuesday closed
Wednesday - Sunday 12–8:30

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The Farms

Supporting local farms and businesses not only benefits our community and environment, but cultivates a relationship with these purveyors. We use this relationship to ensure we always receive the freshest, best tasting ingredients available.
These are the small farmers and Hardworking entrepreneurs across the region that we work with.

White Star Growers of Doylestown, PA
Matt Jr & Sr of Maximuck's Farm provide the crisp, green butter lettuce found on our burgers. Using hydroponic technology, they grow the lettuce in the greenhouses on their property, providing us with a year-round supply of fresh, local lettuce.

Breakaway Farms of Mount Joy, PA
This Lancaster County Family Farm places emphasis on soil health and multi-generation sustainability. They raise their heritage breed pigs on pasture, supplementing their diet with locally-grown, organic grains to deliver to us the finest bacon available.

Philly Bread Company of Philadelphia, PA

Pete and his team strive to create the best bread around, made by hand from ingredients sourced directly from the farmer.        

Huntsinger Farms of Hegins, PA
Established in 1921, Huntsinger Farm is on the cutting edge of potato cultivation. Using crop rotation, integrated pest management, timely irrigation practices, and optimal storage techniques they created the perfect frying potato that we use to make our crisp, golden fries.

Roots to River
Located 5 miles from the restaurant, Malaika and her team grow the best certified organic produce around.  Their perfect mixed lettuces and vegetables can be found in our salads year round.   

Maine Root of Portland, ME
Founded in 2003 by a guy with a passion for great tasting soda, Maine Root Sodas are crafted with Fair Trade Certified, Organic Cane Sugar for a better tasting, more sustainable product. Our on tap flavors include Ginger Brew, Cola, Root Beer, Blueberry & Black Cherry.

Trickling Spring Creamery of Chambersburg, PA
Using cream from heritage breed cows raised on local farmland, Trickling Spring Creamery makes the delicious, wholesome ice cream found in our thick shakes and ice cream floats. Made in small batches, low temperature pasteurized, and minimally processed, their product is as good as it gets.

Thistle Creek Farm

Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania, Thistle Creek Farm has been producing high quality grass fed beef for more than a quarter century.  Their main goal is to raise grass-fed beef on the best grasses from around the world, including grasses come from The  Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, and Romania.